PhD in Education student David Liu is continuing his quest to promote STEM education among elementary students.

On March 1, David and his research team, in collaboration with research partner El Sol Science and Arts Academy in Santa Ana, hosted Family Science Night. From 6:15 to 7:45 in the evening, more than 160 TK-5 students and ~400 family members, UCI students, and El Sol teachers and administrators combined their creative talents to help the El Sol students build and then test fly TR-05 Do-It-Yourself Building Block Drones.

David’s partnership work with El Sol started in 2017 when he and his research team founded an afterschool science program at El Sol - Super Science Squad - to engage 5th grade girls in projects emphasizing the scientific process. As David explains: “We’re teaching students to use scientific methods – problem identification, data collection and analysis, formulation of a solution, and presentation of conclusions – based on issues they perceive in their school and community.” Read more about the Super Science Squad
The El Sol–SoE research-practice partnership will be hosting another community-focused Family Science Night in April for students in grades 6-8, and again will be including parents, teachers, and the UCI research team.
UCI team members include Algrae Gorospe, Alondra Villegas, Carlos Henriquez, Lourdes (Lulu) Galindo, Pamela Garcia, Tessa Pulido, and Vanessa Comia. Assistant Professor Hosun Kang is David's advisor.

For more information about David’s work, please email


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